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Civil Society Engagement
Achieving Better in Canada

Edited by Patricia M. Daenzer

Series: Routledge Studies in North American Politics

‘Daenzer has assembled a powerful team of academics, practitioners, and activists to write  a roundbreaking book on civil society advocacy in the settler and immigrant nation, Canada.
Reflecting on the past and looking into the future, this book is a timely contribution as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday.’ -Harald Bauder, Director, Graduate Program in Immigration & Settlement, Ryerson University.

‘The book is an outstanding demonstration of the complexities and nuances inherent in Canada’s civil society. It is a call to action! …
Masterfully crafted to demonstrate and call for a commitment to critical dialogue and action about the role and responsibilities of citizen in Canada’s civil society.’ – Delores V. Mullings, Associate Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Relying on qualitative and ethnographic research, document analysis and reviews of policies, Patricia M. Daenzer and her expert contributors focus on social possibilities, legal limits and societal roles to illuminate the national asset of human solidarity evident in civil society activism in Canada. They challenge the romanticism of ‘the perfected welfare democracy’ and contend that civil society activism leads to the authentication of democracy.
The premise is that Canadian political and policy inconsistencies fail to protect some and civil society intervention is essential for the realignment and redefinition of articulated national principles and redistributive outcomes.

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