About me

A Vision for Justice begins with a sound understanding of the politics of our existence.justiceThe more I understand the politics of my existence though, the more justice assumes that chameleon quality. For me, the ‘normative blindness’ of justice is an unsettling romanticism. Justice, in practice, is selective and seems accessible through pathways of political influence and the privilege of wealth. Race too often determines access to both politics and wealth and gender plays its part if race and wealth are favoured factors. Race and justice more often collides than cohabits.

My work examines how race, gender and social status influence the pursuit of justice. I examine who lacks affinity to justice and I analyze what fills the void caused by unjust relations in lives. The subjects of my interest are ; the treatment of persons designated as minorities in nations; ethno-racial minorities such as Blacks, Indigenous Persons and persons whose identities are complicated by intersections of multiple socially ascribed factors . I invite you to explore some of my views in the pages within.


Patricia M. Daenzer, Ph.D.

Academic Achievements:
Doctor of Philosophy: Social Work/Welfare, University of Toronto
Master of Social Work: University of Toronto
Bachelor of Social Work: York University
Bachelor of Arts: York University

Academic Honours:
National Health and Welfare Fellow 1987-1991
Ontario Scholar 1986

Community Honours:
Woman of Distinction Award 2005
In the Category . . . Community Development and Social Activism: City of Hamilton Status of Women Committee & YWCA Hamilton

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Foundation Award 2005
Canadian Alliance of Black Educators

Rev. John C. Holland Award 2000
In the Category . . . Professional Achievement

Distinguished Alumni Award 1992
York University, Atkinson College School of Social Work